Hi there! I'm David, a seasoned developer with over a decade of experience in the realm of PHP, with Laravel as my main framework. Throughout my journey, I've touched various technologies, and acquired a diverse skill set that goes beyond mere code.

My expertise extends from PHP development to the Unix systems, DigitalOcean and AWS services. I'm experienced setting up custom Nginx configurations to ensure seamless operations.

Database optimization? I've fine-tuned MySQL configurations to maximize performance, ensuring fast responses even under heavy loads.

But I'm not just about backend magic. I like building robust web applications, employing queues when necessary to handle tasks efficiently.

And let's not forget the frontend. Whether it involves creating interfaces using Vue.js, Livewire, or starting from scratch, I'm dedicated to meeting the standards set by the graphic design team.

Oh, and did I mention I speak in Python too? I use it for everything from creating automation scripts to handling data multiprocessing when PHP is out of scope.

In essence, I'm a developer driven by a passion for problem-solving.

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